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: FGI Atlanta Member Monday :

Meet FGI Atlanta Member, Fashion Designer, MJ Sykes


MJ is an independent women’s wear designer at her burgeoning multifaceted fashion company, coralONE.


She designs for two collections, The EmJha Collection and Prendre-tout Atelier. Her passion is creating high fashion garments from premium fabrics and materials with classic shapes blended with modern edge.


 MJ’s love for all things fashion led her to fashion and lifestyle blogging, so she created the 'Check the Runway' Blog, which focuses on runway, luxury, celebrity and street style. There is also a dose of fitness, beauty and music for good synergy.


Armed with a Masters of Fashion, she set out to created exciting physical manifestations of her internal design creativity.  coralONE is all about passionate fashion, encouraging creativity through physical artistic expression (product), research, understanding and giving back through events and social initiatives.  To achieve longevity in this industry we have to understand each component. Focusing on how they work together is optimal.


Blogging, designing, procuring, charity, we are an emerging multi-faceted fashion company. 
MJ says, "It's more than just clothes."