Rising Star 2008


The 11th annual Rising Star Awards honored eight outstanding individuals  for their innovation, creativity and business acumen in Accessories, Beauty/Fragrance Corporate, Beauty/Fragrance Entrepreneur, Home/Interior Design, Fine Jewelry, Men's Apparel, Retail, Women's Apparel.

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These awards promote the advancement of both new and seasoned professionals in the fashion industries. Developed in 1997, The Rising Stars Awards honors individuals who are up-and-coming style-makers. The awards recognize the extraordinary talent and drive of those who can capture imaginations and flourish in the ever-more complex fashion world.

The Fashion Group International presented

JANUARY 24, 2008
11:15 am - Reception
12 noon-2:00 pm - Luncheon & Awards Ceremony

The Rainbow Room
30 Rockefeller Plaza  
Sponsored by:     Cosmopolitan   bebe
Awards generously provided by: Movado

Keynote Speaker: Cathie Black, President, Hearst Magazines


2008 Rising Star Award Winners:

Presenter     Holly Dunlap
Winner          Kara Ross - Kara Ross
Finalists        Osnat Gad - Ocie Minaudière
                       Jocelyn Gordon - Jocelyn, Inc.
                       Kara Ross - Kara Ross 
                       Tom Scott - Tom Scott
                       Stephanie Waddell - Agnes Hoss  

Beauty/Fragrance Corporate
Presenter     Donna Kalajian Lagani
Winner        Natasha Côté - Givaudan Fragrances
Finalists      Natasha Côté - Givaudan Fragrances
                    Bruno Jovanovic - International Flavors & Fragrances
                    Pamelia Lall - Mark.
                    Meryl Truffelman - Estée Lauder N.A.

Beauty/Fragrance Entrepreneur
Presenter     Charla Krupp
Winner         Francesco Clark - Clark's Botanicals
Finalists       Shizuka Bernstein - Shizuka New York
                     Francesco Clark - Clark's Botanicals
                     Jodi Drexler - Billet - Desert Essence
                     Janet League - Katzin - Sphatika International, LLC
                     Thibaud Perrin – Smiley

Home/Interior Design
Presenter     Eric Villency
Winner        Gilles-Fleur Boutry - Clodagh Design
Finalists      Gilles-Fleur Boutry - Clodagh Design
                    Amy Lau - Amy Lau Design
                    Therese Virserius - Therese Virserius Design
                     Marci Zaroff - Under the Canopy

Fine Jewelry
Presenter     Temple St. Clair
Winner         Christine J. Brandt - Christine J. Brandt
Finalists       Christine J. Brandt - Christine J. Brandt
                      Rebecca Straus - Becca Straus Jewelry
                      Kimberly McDonald - ROCKRAS by Kimberly McDonald