FGI CONNECT: Social Media in Fashion and Retail

You're invited to an FGI CONNECT networking evening, another event in our continuing Careers In Transition Series

Social Media in Fashion and Retail:


You heard the words, come learn their meanings.
Join Alex Romanovich, Founder & Chief Marketer of Social2B www.social2b.com
and explore how technology and integration is shaping up
the "social buying" experience. In other words, how to use Social Media
to engage your audience and sell online.

Social Media = Social Commerce
Demystifying Digital Media and Client Engagement


* Introduction to Social Media, Rich Media and Digital Media - why and how a Wholesaler or Retailer
would listen, monitor and engage their target audience using the latest and most accessible online tools

* Why it is important to integrate your environment with that of your clients and consumers in general

* Setting your expectations when moving from the Wholesale to Retail environment - why engaging
your audience directly could boost sales, provide leverage, and build stronger partnerships with your channel

* How a successfully implemented website through its design, integration and content management
creates a path to success---and leads to strong conversions (sales)
*Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing Channels--- What roles do they play in delivering strong ROI (return on investment) in an eCommerce environment?



Wednesday, March 7, 2012
6:00 - 7:30 p.m., speaking portion begins promptly at 6:15
8 West 40th Street, 7th floor, NYC

wine and cheese networking reception
DO take full advantage of this informal and interactive networking event.
There will be a special table set up for business cards and your
promotional materials, so be sure to bring yours.

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