2012 Beauty Symposium Changing Lanes


Changing Lanes described the evolving consumer behavior through the retail economy, social media networks and values. Held in the New York Hilton, the symposium featured panelists Mike Indursky, president of Bliss; Jill Scalamandre, cmo of Chrysallis; Peter Lictenthal, president of Bumble and bumble and Laurie Black, GMM/EVP of cosmetics for Nordstrom.


Laura McEwen, VP and publisher of Self magazine and Elaine D’Farley, beauty director of Self magazine, presented the importance of targeting the consumer from all social media channels.

D’Farley stated “being an editor means taking brand’s core value s and translating it digitally” she added “social media allows individual as well as brand story telling”.

Laura McEwen and Elaine D’Farley


Mike Indursky, president of Bliss, stated “the new beauty experts are the consumers and bloggers”. When describing Bliss’s efforts in engaging consumers, Indursky stated “I think it is important to think about what is the best tool to tell your story, and make sure the brand speaks with one voice across all channels”.

Jill Scalamandre, cmo of Chrysallis, rebranded the product to appeal to consumers. “We’ve updated our packaging and relaunched our advertising to fix the communication of the brand,”   Scalamandre, added the self made woman were her target consumer.


Mike Indursky Laurie Black
Jill Scalamandre Peter Lichtenthal


Moderator- Karen Young


Peter Lichtenthal , president of Bumble and bumble,  found that customer behavior changed in 2009 based on how the consumer searched for the product. Bumble and bumble explored new channels of engaging their consumer by partnering with retailers and salons. This strategy has increased the accessibility and awareness of the brand.

Laurie Black, GMM/EVP of cosmetics for Nordstrom, claimed that Nordstrom focused on customer centric products and service strategies. Nordstrom changed the commincation within the corporate structure by listening to customers first