How to approach a Department Store Buyer


Any questions, email or call the FGI Membership Dept. at (212) 302-5511.

Complete and MAIL this form with a check to FGI (address below) or print, complete and FAX this form and credit card information to (212) 302-5533.

NUMBER OF TICKETS: _____ Member @ $15 _____ Guest @ $50 (applicable to membership sign-up fees)

METHOD OF PAYMENT: _____ AMEX _____ MC _____ Visa (June 26, 2013 FGI Connect)

Card No._________________________________________ Exp. Date______________

Total dollar amount to be charged $__________ (tickets are non-refundable unless cancelled 24 hours in advance)

Name(s) of attendee(s)______________________________________________________________________

Company____________________________ Phone________________________

Address_____________________________ Fax _________________________

City___________ State_____ Zip_________ Email__________________________

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